I Heart Barca

Barcelona is the shit.bar11.jpgBarcelona is a giant skatepark:Parallel- manual pads, ledges, and lurkersbar3.jpgthe infamous MACBAlater on..la xibeccaimg_8288.jpgManolo’s where all the 13 year old skateboarders hang.img_8257.jpgYou don’t even KNOW how I get down with tequila.img_8229.jpgcididao instigadoimg_8264.jpgLas ramblasimg_8278.jpgget on the irisbusimg_8335.jpgForumimg_8372.jpgthis was a first… this guy across the bar bought me a rose.img_8546.jpgimg_8523.jpgAfter not thanking him for 15 minutes he proceeded to buy me the whole bouquet. I should’ve waited longer.img_8539.jpgWho wants to move here with me??irisbarc1.jpgimg_8559.jpgTo check out more pictures click here.xo iris


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