1st Anniversary

This past weekend was LAB Boston’s 1st Anniversary Art opening. It featured the work of Damion Silver, Dana Woulfe, and Stephen Holding all part of Project SF. The night started at about 7pm where LAB hosted a private art opening at the store which, included an open bar thanks to Justin from Dewar’s.




Seth & Kim


Brendan who broken his shoulder in two spots- doing the Red Bull x LAB snowboarding trip.

At about 9:30 the party died down and a group of us headed to Sunset Grill for some more drinks and a little food. There was also a mini skateboard session as we headed over- making our walk across the street about 1/2 longer.


Rob Heppler


Josh Falk


Rob & Iris

After leaving Sunset Grill we all piled into Rob’s crime scene aka the FJ Cruiser and headed to the Paradise where there was a party bus waiting out front for us!!!

It’s was all down hill from there- Red Bull picked us up in the party bus, need I say more.



For more pictures of the eventful night click here…..

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  1. Some interesting people at that event, no doubt. Great photos!

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