Burton US Open 2008

It was Good Friday when we headed up to Stratton for the Burton US Open. Grabbing the bare essentials for the weekend, Married to the Mob tee’s, Rebel8 Hoodies, Four Square gloves, Forum Boards and Northface socks…we bopped in the car to Ray Charles “Mess Around”… our cell phones went out of service, and we knew we were in VT.

When we arrived it was a winter paradise, riders from all over the world in Stratton for one hell of a weekend. We checked into our hotel (which I believe still has our stench left behind)…changed clothes and headed to the Burton Penthouse for dinner.

A total Mexican Fiesta, we had sangria and Coronas, with tacos on the side. This was the prime time to also catch a glimpse of some of the new 08/09 winter gear, which was strategically hanging from the antler chandelier.
One of my favorite pieces ever from Burton; the Chuck Anderson Light Camo Coat was featured. The print quality is probably one of the best I have ever seen.

After dinner, we made it to the Transworld Party at Grizzly’s… the place was packed and one face that was non-pro was Boogie Nights’ Luis Guzman!
The Cool Kids were on the mic, and the only buzzkill of the night was when the bar ran out of Sol and we had to switch to Corona. We then ran into some old friends, and Jager Bombs started to drop…


The next morning, the hotel complimentary breakfast could have not been any better… hung-over and dehydrated, we threw ourselves into the lobby for some much-needed carbs and H20. Then we were off to the pipe.

Hiking up the mountain we found the prime media area to catch the riders. It was a slight disappointment for the crowd favorite Kevin Pierce and the heard of green t-shirts cheering him on; he just couldn’t nail his 3rd heat for the win.
Ending the Men’s HP Finals “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” Shaun White took the $20k and a new Volvo, with Mason Aguirre taking a close 2nd place. We can’t forget about one of our favorites and local rider Scotty Lago taking home $5k for Men’s Best Trick – killing it with a double inverted 1080. For the Ladies… Torah Bright killed it again winning the HP Finals – Gretchen Bleiler took 3rd but rocked it with the new K2 x Claw Money Board- again one of my personal favorites!!!


Check out Shaun’s Victory Run below….
With the day coming to an end, it was time to go back to Grizzly’s for the Sobe Party- where we had a great time thanks to Joe, Shaun, the “Guns n’ Roses” cover band, and of course, the Black Amex Card… we will see you guys soon for another “dance party”!

Enjoy and thanks to Jeff for the hospitality and Tim for everything else (including the cheek makeouts!)- we love you!!!!

xoxo Kim & Michelle



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2 responses to “Burton US Open 2008

  1. michael savant

    no cell service, jager bombs, guns and roses cover band?


    Im jealous.

  2. Timbo J Baggins

    No pics of me yo?? and thanks to Jeff?? I’m hurt.

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