4th of July

Ok… we have all been pretty busy lately and have not been doing our daily blog posts. So here it is a little late but better then never. For the 4th of July Lana, Michelle and I decided to leave the city for the day and head to the country from a little mini golf and bumper boats at Kimball’s Farm.



Lana & Michelle… yes Lana is wearing her “Boys Aint Shit But Hoes & Tricks” at a family fun center.

Right after Michelle got her hole-in-one!

Yes I lost my ball down the river… but at least I still won!

This is right before Michelle hit me with her boat and knocked her sun glasses into the pond… dont worry the guys from Kimball’s spent the rest of their day fishing them out and finally found them in the bottom of the pond.

Lana… watch out for this one.


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One response to “4th of July

  1. casstastrophe

    haahah I LOVE KIMBALLS FARM! the fam&i use to go there all the time :]
    fun stuff and bomb ice cream ❤

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