christmas night in maine.

Christmas for most people is about spending time with their family, opening presents, and eating. Christmas at my parents house is a little different, I get to spend time with Dad watching 30 episodes of “The Build” Motorcycle TV that he was featured on, then after that watch “Tales if Rat Fink”. Most girls in their 20’s couldn’t stand to watch 4+ hours of motorcycle and hotrod TV but this is what i grew up watching. And, that’s what makes me write this post. For anyone that has an interest in painting, t-shirt design or art really should watch this documentary. Ed Roth was the genius of outlaw art, known for his extreme custom cars & paint jobs, he was also the first person to ever airbrush a t-shirt and then go on to produce thousands of silk screen tee’s with racy monster graphics. You can check a preview of the movie out here or buy it here.



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2 responses to “christmas night in maine.

  1. I smell a rat fink!

    I too am a fan of ed roth. A huge one.
    I have an R.F. tattoo.

    Ann Margaret is one awesome lady.
    The Queen of musical theatre.
    And a total cougar.
    But like ertha kitt coug – older?

  2. Cass.

    what a lineup on the cast!
    I take it that you enjoyed your christmas celebration then :]
    hope all is well!

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