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MAD “BoOoya Ghosts” by Kidrobot!

I just got word that MAD is doing a new series of toys with Kidrobot- the collection is called “BoOoya Ghosts” and I believe there is 13 characters along with some added chases. No word one when this series will be out…


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bulldog day.

Aww… I just saw the two cutest bulldogs walk by my shop and it made me think of Grumbles! For those of you that dont know I use to have a bulldog named Grumbles, and he was the cutest dog ever! I had to give him away since I work so much and just couldnt give him the time he needed, he is currently living in Maine with 4 other bulldogs having the time of his life. So, I figured I would share some pictures of him today… enjoy!




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“Peep Show” Teaser

I just found this teaser for a new all ladies snowboard video called “Peep Show”. It features new faces in the industry and some raw riding. Peep Show will also be available as a free download online soon! Some of the riders included: June Bhongjan, Desiree Melancon, Esthera Preda, Laurie Gauvin and many more… Check out the teaser below!

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Reyes of Seventh Letter for Louis Vuitton

Graffiti has always had this negative allusion in the general public’s’ eye. Many consumers (especially of the higher class and/or older generations) have this idea that graffiti isn’t art.
It’s interesting to see certain high end lines begin to make the transition in fashion and art into a broader and wider spectrum.
Recently, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has commissioned Seventh Letter Crew member Reyes, to paint a piece for the launch of the Stephen Sprouse collection in San Francisco.
To see a video of Reyes in action, click here.

image via Juxtapoz

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packing up… shipping out

Have you ever sold something and then decided fuck… I think I probably should have kept that? Well, last week I sold my Teddy Troops Series 3 Flying Fortress Chase… which is almost impossible to find! Then this morning I was getting ready to ship it, and I was kind of regreating selling it. Oh well, maybe one day when I have millons of dollars I will buy it back…  here is one last picture of it before it gets shipped out… hahapicture-15

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New MCA DIY Series by Toy2r

I had seen some pictures of Qees a while back that MCA painted the last time he was in Hong Kong- when I asked him about it he said he had painted like 100 qees in a day for this project coming out soon. Now the 8″ DIY series he painted in Hong Kong is available through Toy2r!

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Tokidoki Soho Opening

When I met with Simone in Vegas he mentioned the Soho store was going to open pretty soon- then today I got sent this flyer! The brand new Tokidoki NYC SoHo capsule store will finally be open March 7th, 2009 . Simone will be there signing autographs, taking pictures, etc from 1-4 PM. Make sure to get there early I’m sure there is going to be a huge line. 

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