Coraline Dunks Part II

Yesterday, I had bunch of kids from Lowell stop by LAB to check out some gear and buy some toys. I noticed that one of the kids that was buying Dunnys had a solid white bag and inside was a box that looked very similar to the Coraline Dunk box. I knew everyone in Boston that had gotten the dunks sent to them and I knew this kid was not one of them. So I asked to see the box, he started laughing and said “you are never going to believe how I got these”. I first asked what size they were and he said,  “13” so I quickly asked if he got them from Kerry at Proletariat, the only thing is last time I had spoke to Kerry he had sold his pair on eBay for 1k. The kid then began to tell me that he walked into the Proletariat and the owner said he was going to burn them that night unless he could trade them for a Canon G9 camera. It just so happened that this kid had the exact camera in his hoodie with the fisheye lenses. Thinking about it for over 20 minutes the kid finally decided to trade his camera for the dunks. After the kids left LAB I texted Kerry “I heard you got a new camera” no more then 2 minutes later my phone rang asking “how the fuck I knew about that”. Kerry told me his version of the story and how the winner of the ebay auction didnt pay. We also talked about when he gets the next big shoe release sent to him, we are going to throw them over a telephone line and set up a camera while we post the address on all the hypeboards- just to see what would happen… Check out the video below for the full Coraline Dunk Trade at Proloteirate.


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