Shepard Fairey Arrested in Boston Last Night

Shepard was arrested at 9:15pm last night on his way to the ICA in Boston. It was the offical opening party of “Supply & Demand” and the “Obey Experiment Party” where he was suppose to dj along with DJ Z-Trip and Rage Foxx. The arrest was made for two outstanding warrants he had in Boston. The funny thing is Shepard has been seen with Mayor Menino this week to promote his show at city hall, where we was surrounded by city officials and police and there was no arrested made until last night?! (photo below: crowd from the ICA last night)



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2 responses to “Shepard Fairey Arrested in Boston Last Night

  1. I hope Shepard is ok! He is a great artist, very talented, and exceptionally well guided. His work covers many aspects and speaks to many people. Putting his art up on walls is not like tagging with a spray can, it is a beautifully well thought out creation of artwork – and therefore not graffiti at all.

    not guilty.

    building are uglier without the art.


  2. bob g

    that pic looks quite familar

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