Providence Visit

The past couple days have been insane! From working at the shop, going to Providence, coming back to Boston then heading to Connecticut I haven’t stopped. And, I completely forgot to post about our trip on Sunday. Lana and I headed down to RI for a little lunch/business meeting  with our friend Jack, he took us to a great little dive bar called Abbeys where they supposedly had the best burger for the past 4 years, we tried them and have to say they were pretty good! After lunch we stopped by his friends bakery across the street called LaSalle where we got the best cookies! From there we headed to Lana’s loft to move some stuff and do a little rollerskating. Yes, I rollerskated around Lana’s 2,000 sq ft loft for a good hour and of course fell on my ass at least once. Oh… and as far as Lana’s loft, it’s amazing!!! Filled full of vintage furniture, blythe dolls, concert posters & more plastic furniture then one should ever have- and its for sale!!! (oh… and sorry for the picture quality, my camera got stolen and all i have right now is my iphone)


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