sí por favor

Frank Mysterio just did a series of Teddy Troopers called Honey Golden Bears. I dont know anything about these beside I like them- cause they were posted on a site in Mexico and I cant read Spanish… so whoever would like to translate for me feel free too!


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2 responses to “sí por favor

  1. casstastrophe

    something along the lines of “a detail for the band, check to win one of these customs for yourself check info at artoysmx”.
    The Skream mix for Mishka is ❤

  2. hi! well these teddys were made by my buddy Frank Mysterio as a present for the different forums to were he belongs, he made some kind of lottery to decide who gonna be the lucky winner, what he ask you you need to participate_ was be part of the forum and send him a photo of you, related to the ¨lucha libre¨ the lottery already ends i the winner was katastrophe an Zedrik both buddies from vinyleschiles … sad i didnt win lol

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