“The Epic Man”

So I got an email from my friend Seth at Red Bull, about this insane adventure that he will be taking part in April 19th-20th, called “The Epic Man”. The EpicMan is a one-of-a-kind Epic adventure. Seth & his friend Will Thomas, will travel 163 miles in 24 hours, from an island in Portland, Maine to the finish line at the Boston Marathon. It is a kick-off to the 2009 Urban Epic event season; and it is going to be one wild and crazy ride. Creating their own version of the Ironman, Will (a recovering Ironman) and Seth (a guy who doesn’t own a bike) will start on Peaks Island at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 19th and kayak, bike, and run to the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20th. Along the way they will stop at parties and events in Maine, New Hampshire, and Mass. to celebrate their Epic journey with the community and refuel. They will travel by human power only – completely carbon-free and environmentally friendly. They will unite the two cities that host the Urban Epic events and all the adventurous, Epic individuals in between. Please follow these insane guys on twitter their blog and keep update to with their progress and also check out pics and weekly updates.

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  1. Arthur Bradbury


    You have indeed lost it completely.

    I am trying to hook up with Steve Minich at Channel 8 to get him interested in your insanity.


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