Paint Pens Pop Up Gallery- Boston

When Marty’s Liquors in Allston permanently closed after 60 years of business many Allstonians were left heartbroken and dismayed. A landmark at the corner of Harvard and Commonwealth Avenue, at the foot of the T station and the 66 busline, there was always Marty’s. Now, what once was has become another vacant storefront- a reminder of the current economic situation and the gentrification of Allston. Amongst those residents saddened by the loss was Shayna Shenanigans, founder of “Paint Pens in Purses“, an all-female urban art collective.

In response to the loss, the ladies of “Paint Pens in Purses” sought out the Hamilton Realty Group to see if they could temporarily utilize the dead space as a pop-up gallery, in an attempt to reclaim and reinvigorate the infamous space. The idea was well-received and with the approval of the Hamilton Company, set to commence on April 21st, 2009. The artists, which span a multitude of mediums, plan to use the fifteen 7ftx5ft window display boxes of the large storefront as art displays.

Confirmed artists include: Silver Oris, Kim Harris (of LAB), tofusquirrel, Molly David, Morgan Thomas, Casey Williams, Mykim Dang and Nineta. For more info on the artists and “Paint Pens in Purses” please click here.

Take Over coming soon!…April 21st, 2009 – Ex Marty’s Liquors (aka Paint Pens Pop Up Gallery!!) 193 Harvard Ave, Allston MA. For another article on Paint Pens, written by our friends over at OPEN- click here.


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