Sex Theme Park for the “Good Of The Public”

Sorry for the lack of posts on my part these days! I’m still cramming everything I have into boxes and trying to move the hell out. It’s been hectic.
But anyways- I came across an article that made me do a total double-take.
China Builds First Sex Theme Park“.
The park, Love Land,  is in construction at the moment and has caused quite a hype with some locals expressing how uncomfortable it is to see the park and of the Chinese not being ready to talk about sex publicly as it is a rather taboo subject.
The park manager, Lu Xiaoqing, felt that people needed to be more educated on the subject and methods of sex and was quickly inspired after visiting South Korea’s sex theme park.
The park features techniques and methods of sex, safe-sex, exhibition on history of sex and will also include giant displays of genitalia, naked bodies, and a collection of other body parts.
The park is due to open in October.

via BBC News.

kinda made me laugh :]


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