COWABUNGAAAA Johnny Cupcakes

Our pal Johnny is again playing another one of his childhood faves on the big screen at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. This time, with freebie pizza from Uppercrust, Johnny will be sharing with us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


PIZZA PAAARTY!! – That’s right, there’ll be FREE pizza!!*

When we were young, we believed that toxic waste could transform pet shop turtles into sarcastic, pizza-starved teens and that a rat could train them to be ninja. We bought their backpacks, wore their bandanas, carried our sandwiches to school in their lunch boxes and even illegally purchased their weaponry with our parents credit cards. They taught us everything we needed to know in our adult lives: the names of at least four great renaissance artists and the correct spelling of nunchucks (nunchaku). Come on out to the Coolidge for night filled with more slices of pizza than there are members of the Foot Clan!

dir. Steve Barron, w/ Elias Koteas Sam Rockwell, Josh Pais 1h33m”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Sat. June 13th, 11:55pm/midnight
Coolidge Corner Theatre
290 Harvard Street – Brookline, MA
to purchase event tickets: here.

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