Gunsho takes over Boston.

For the past week I have gotten the pleasure of having James aka “Gunsho” paint 25 ft of windows at my shop. The piece that most artists spend 6 to 10 hours painting, took him right around 22 hours. Not only did he spend five days painting, he also had a 2 hour commute every day he came here. I can honestly say James is a part of the LAB family now. The time and devotion he put into painting the front of our shop is just incredible. The black outline alone was 3 days of painting and another 2 days for color. I’m so grateful for all of his hard work and effort, and hope everyone can check it out before it comes down. Click here for more pictures of the piece. Oh… and one last thing- this was the biggest piece he had ever done- his forty is 18×24″ drawings- no paint!



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