Monday Music Review- Mishka “Keep Watch X” & C-DUBZ “Human Nature”

I guess this can be the new Monday Music Review section… I have two crazy mixes that I want to share with you. First, is the tenth installment of Mishka’s Keep Watch Mixes. This time they teamed up with Major Lazer to produce a 40 min mix, with artists including: Major Lazers, Switch & Crookers, Leftside, Ninjasonik & even an Ace of Base remix! You can download the mix here and also, purchase the Keep Watch Vol. X: Major Laser T-Shirt here!

The second mix I wanted to share with you, is “Human Nature” mixed by our good friend and prior host of the Live @ LAB radio show- DJ C-Dubz. The mix is about 100 mins long and includes tracks by: RamadanMan. Clouds, EL B, Scuba and more. You can download the full mix for free here.
*C-Dubz’s album art was created by Markus Anacki of

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