Мишка Presents: “Cursed Scrolls” Tonight!

Mishka recently teamed up with artist Richard “French” Sayer to design three new shirts for their line. French’s usage of twisted, ghoulish images, plus an undying love for everything metal, made the partnership an inevitable one for Mishka.

Hailing from Aldershot, Hampshire in the UK, French is known for his extremely detailed line work of ghastly, mutated creatures. Having done projects for numerous skateboard companies – Zero, Creature and Real to name a few – as well as a handful of record sleeves, French is now bringing his unique designs to Mishka and blessing us west of the pond with not only his shirts but an art show featuring a selection of works. This will mark the very first of many art shows to be housed under the 350 Broadway roof.

French’s latest shirt design for Mishka drops TODAY at the Cursed Scrolls art show at Mishka’s flagship store 350 Broadway in Brooklyn. The show is from 7-10pm tonight will also run for the next 6 weeks in case you can’t check it out tonight. 


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