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Momentum Recap

Unfortunately, I was gone this weekend and didn’t get a chance to go to the Momentum Art Opening but I did just get some pictures of the show sent to me. First, OPEN just launched the Momentum micro-site click here to view. The site highlights select images of the project and gallery show.  The Momentum project consists of a series of 5 frames, cycling cap, t-shirt and vectorfunk prints – all on the site and available for purchase.

They’re also presenting the entire Momentum gallery show and MWM Mural on the Chorus site click here to check it out.

Hawkins St Mural (25 x 15 ft)

click here for more pictures of the gallery


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My Little Pony “Cloverpony” by Sara Richard

I saw this new piece today from sculptor Sara Richard and couldn’t believe my eyes. She took the “My Little Pony” cute and cuddly body and modeled it into an evil creature! The details on the figure is incredible from the teeth to the extending legs- no wonder why Hasbro hired her!

Good work Sara, and I want more sushi toys soon!!!

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Bic Buddy Release Party- Toy Tokyo

This past weekend I took the red eye from LA to JFK and ended up sitting next to toy designer and friend Marka27. I had first met Victor “Marka27” a couple years back at LAB, where we carried his Minigods series and also, had him featured in one of our art opening. He had flown out to LA for the release party of the Bic Buddys which, he designed the platform for. The new toy series for Bic Plastics launched at the beginning of August hit LA and now will be visiting 2 more major cities to mark the launch of its new mini-series.

So this week at Toy Tokyo from 6-9pm,  Cope2, Indie84, Kano, Marka27 and Sket will be signing. Last shop of the tour is in Chicago at the one and only Rotofugi on August 22nd where Jesse Hernandez and Marka27 be signing and hanging out with fans.

Congrats on the series guys- it looks great! And, thanks Marka for the toy, it will be added to my collection!

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Sometimes You Forget.

For the past four years I have focused my life on work, getting myself ahead and of course just living the daily grind. All of my “so called” vacations or trips outside of Boston have involved either client visits or tradeshows. Well, last Thursday I finally got the opportunity to go visit my sister in LA. She has lived here for a while now and it just seems as if time has flown by and I havent made a trip out here. I didn’t realize until now how important it was for me to take time off and see my family.  The past couple days have been some of the most relaxing and peaceful days I have had in a long time. I got to spend time with two of the most important and influential people in my life, my mom and my sister. Weather we were laying around talking, spending time at the beach or out to dinner, I enjoyed and appreciated every minute with them. Sometimes you truly forget how important family is, and this weekend I left all my stress back in Boston and just enjoy life and being with my family.

I leave LA tonight… so tomorrow its back to the grind! But next time, I promise it wont be another four years till I have a vacation.

xo kim

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A Visit From Autumn.

Yesterday, our friend and new artist in our studio Autumn, paid us a visit after returning from her trip to Korea. I had met her a couple months back when she finally made her way into LAB. I’m really not sure how we had never met before, we had been surrounded by a lot of the same people in many different crowds over the past four years. We instantly connected and started discussing our love for art and being creating. Turns out at the time she was working on a huge mural just a couple blocks from my shop. Since, then we had stayed in contact and just recently I asked her to come join the studio. You will definitely be hearing more about her soon and hopefully see some of her new work once she’s moved into Fringe Movement. For now, check out one of her past mural that she collaborated on with Maria Molteni at Underground Snowboards– also, check out some goodies she brought back from Korea in the pictures below!

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a peak into the studio.

Here are some pictures of a new project Fringe Movement that myself and a team have been in development of. I have spent most of the summer doing the construction, project management and finding tenants to fill it. Please enjoy and click here for more photos.

xo kim

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Evoker x Mike Giant

After seeing Mike Giant’s blog post about his new Rat Bones Tattoo, our friend Evoker decided it would be a nice juster to ship Mike out one of his Evoker x Rat Bones Logo tee & stickers. Today, Evoker got the picture below sent back to him! Now, we just need to get Mike to Boston for a show!!!

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