A Visit From Autumn.

Yesterday, our friend and new artist in our studio Autumn, paid us a visit after returning from her trip to Korea. I had met her a couple months back when she finally made her way into LAB. I’m really not sure how we had never met before, we had been surrounded by a lot of the same people in many different crowds over the past four years. We instantly connected and started discussing our love for art and being creating. Turns out at the time she was working on a huge mural just a couple blocks from my shop. Since, then we had stayed in contact and just recently I asked her to come join the studio. You will definitely be hearing more about her soon and hopefully see some of her new work once she’s moved into Fringe Movement. For now, check out one of her past mural that she collaborated on with Maria Molteni at Underground Snowboards– also, check out some goodies she brought back from Korea in the pictures below!


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  1. What I would do to skate the half right there. That thing looks might fun.

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