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Shoes and champagne: two of a girls’ favorite things. Brought together now by champagne makers Piper Heidsieck in a collaboration with Christian Louboutin. The two have teamed up to produce a box set titled “Le Rituel” that consists of a bottle of champagne and a glass shoe designed by Christian Louboutin. The box set will be exclusively available through colette from October 26th. Perfect request as a present, ladies.

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This Friday by Fenway (Brookline Ave), join Evoker, Josh Falk, Kngee, Stephen Holding and a handful of other talents for their new gallery opening “Devastate Your Real Estate”.

132 Brookline Ave, Boston MA (FOURTH WALL PROJECT)
Opening Reception is from 7pm-9pm;
the gallery will be up for a month from September 18th-October 18th!
After party will be held at ZuZu’s at 10pm with DJ Gucci Vuitton on the decks

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Nursing Bears Soon to Replace Hospital Transportation?!

Okay so I had a recent conversation with a friend about how mechnically engineered thinger mabobs were gonna take over the world and slowly (but surely) replace the need of a human work force.
And of course, Japans science and computer engineering develops something that is just that: replacement.

I mean, I know that this is still something that is in beta form and needs a lot of tweaks and changes, but the fact that this is even in creation astounds me. Its creepy on so many levels but definitely is broadening the horizons in terms of engineering. And it’s understood that there is a shortage of medical faculty in Japan, so this is their attempts of providing for the disadvantages is being short staffed. Crazy, yet effective.

The robo bear (RIBA- Robot for Interactive Body Assistance) is created and being developed by¬†Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research. It can carry up to 135lbs and can transport patients out of bed or a wheelchair and has urethane foam padding to add comfort to patients.

…can you see Simone of TokiDoki doing a collaboration with Japanese hospitals to design these bears?

to read more about the specs and to learn about its phenomenal sensors and upgrades…read it here!
thanks DPD for informing about this!


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