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Just to give you guys all a heads up, tonight (2/3) at midnight (12am est) is the closing to purchase your TOGETHER passes for the music festival! SO GET PURCHASING NOW!
click here for choice of passes.

also, the line up and schedule has been updated!
i’m jealous i’ll be missing out on Tuesdays <3Throb with Udachi and AC Slater, but i shall live vicariously through you guys that do go.
seriously, you’re not gonna wanna miss that. real talk.

also make sure to check:
Bassic w/UNTOLD on Wednesday- 10pm @ the Good Life
Speaking in Code screening on Sunday- 7pm venue TBA
Thunderdome: Lovers Ball w/ Steed Lord & Hot Pink Delorean on Sunday- 9pm @Villa Victoria Center for the Arts
&plenty other amazing events!
schedule here

The Together Crew will see to it that your week starting Feb 8 will be nothing less of mind blowing.


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Let’s Get Together

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So for the past month or two, my really good friend and supreme advice giver, Chris aka C Dubs, has been up to his eyelids in work putting together a festival within Boston in conjunction with some of Boston’s best venues, producers, promoters, DJ’s, and generally, some of the best people around the East Coast. As one of the founding members of the Bassic night in the Bean, Chris has been dealing with one of Bostons first ever week long electronic music festivals to grace this side of the country. (and oh boy are you guys in for a treat!)

Okay so what exactly IS Together Festival about?
Together: The New England Electronic Music Festival is a multi-venue, multi-party, multi-panel super event uniting not simply genres of music, but entire scenes once thought to be disparate. The city of Boston provides a unique platform as well, with its enormous student population, numerous technology centers and differing types of venues.

Together Boston will reach thousands of personalities within the mixing generation. As The New England Electronic Music Festival we will touch on not just dance music, but the emerging technologies of electronic music production. By involving different groups—from the most senior avant-garde lovers to the youngest members of this new sound, this is the genesis of a new era of collaboration and innovation for the New England arts, technology and music communities.”

If you have a love of dance music, or are even just a tad interested in the emerging new sounds that have been so heavily changing the music industry, you wont want to miss the events of this week long party. So dust your dancing shoes off and brace yourself…
for schedules starting Feb. 8- Feb 14 click HERE

Venues include:
Rise: 306 Stuart Street, Boston, MA
Middlesex: 315 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge,MA
Mideast Club: 472 – 480 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
Wonderbar: 186 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA
The Kells: 161 Brighton Avenue, Allston, MA
An Tua Nua: 835 Beacon Street, Boston, MA‎
Estate: 1 Boylston Place, Boston, MA
Enormous: 569 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
Phoneix Landing: 512 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
TT’s: 10 Brookline Street, Cambridge, MA
Great Scott: 1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, MA
Villa: 85 W. Newton Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02118
Goodlife: 28 Kingston Street, Boston, MA
Paradise: 967 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
*events run from afternoon to late night, please check schedules for time, place, and age, depending on the particular event!
Boston Herald Press

Over 30 events, 100+ performers, including a record fair, DJ classes, film screening, workshops and tradeshow.
Boston is getting into some serious business.
-follow updates and news from Together via
Twitter: tgthrbstn
Facebook: Together: The New England Electronic Music Festival

&most importantly guys, SPREAD THE WORD.

promo video via Todd MacLeod

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