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sleepover at nick z’s

i took the fung wah down to new york this weekend.

i got to spend 12 hours straight with nick z. we spent most of the night talking about the dark side. we came to the conclusion that once you have gone you can never come back.

2 am steak and eggs.

this dude went to the bodega at least 4 times.

thanks for letting me crash at the crib. ny-friends-4-life!

xo iris


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hampton beach

summer is finally here. and the water’s still cold enough to wear a wetsuit.

buick audra

dave at cinnamon rainbows hooks it up!

xo iris

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middle america

in some states, passengers are allowed to drink in the car. you’re even allowed to shoot bullets out of a moving vehicle.

i got pulled over in minnesota. good thing the system was down.

the best billboard in south dakota:

“We, South Dakota, reject animal activists; FUR TRAP HUNT FISH”

xo iris

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Iris and Rob’s Cross Country Adventure Day 1

Before leaving we got to say goodbye to my BFF Ryan and his pink do-rag.

Steve and I have known each other for at least a decade. I believe we met in a playground when I was 13-some sketchy shit involving illegal substances and hemp necklaces. Ask him the story, I’m sure he’d love to tell you.

Full, the FJ is the size of a porsche.

Just barely out of Boston. Those are bugs, not bird shit.

We have yet to kill each other.

xo iris

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Pictures from Rob’s going away party.

Friday, we celebrated Rob’s last night in Boston before he headed out west to actually do something with his life… The night was filled with lots of drinking, cake fights, Paris Hilton, a weak roast, a dance party and ended with a late night after party at LAB. Thanks for everyone that came out and Rob I guess we will miss you- but only a little bit.

Rob & Paris – and not the Paris that got shot.

Iris, Kim & Jenna

The crowd

Ryan & Rob

Todd starting the roast.

1/2 of Team Canada & Leslie

Iris, Paris, Kim & Jenna

Matt Z. trying to keep a low profile

The Cake!

Jeff & Rob

The love birds…

For more pictures of the night click here….

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love letter from palistine

Dear Rob,

by far the craziest love letter i’ve ever received.ilove.jpg iloveir.jpgiloveiris.jpg
xo iris

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I Heart Barca

Barcelona is the shit.bar11.jpgBarcelona is a giant skatepark:Parallel- manual pads, ledges, and lurkersbar3.jpgthe infamous MACBAlater xibeccaimg_8288.jpgManolo’s where all the 13 year old skateboarders hang.img_8257.jpgYou don’t even KNOW how I get down with tequila.img_8229.jpgcididao instigadoimg_8264.jpgLas ramblasimg_8278.jpgget on the irisbusimg_8335.jpgForumimg_8372.jpgthis was a first… this guy across the bar bought me a rose.img_8546.jpgimg_8523.jpgAfter not thanking him for 15 minutes he proceeded to buy me the whole bouquet. I should’ve waited longer.img_8539.jpgWho wants to move here with me??irisbarc1.jpgimg_8559.jpgTo check out more pictures click here.xo iris

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