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Fashematics Comic Book, Featuring Karl Lagerfeld

The creator of the comic x fashion zine “Fashematics” took inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld for the most recent issue. The issue includes looks from spring 2010- illustrationing and reinterpreting the stars of the catwalk as part of either a horde of zombies or an army of robots, hell-bent on taking planet Earth for themselves.

The book can be purchased here for $20 plus international shipping.


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a peak into the studio.

Here are some pictures of a new project Fringe Movement that myself and a team have been in development of. I have spent most of the summer doing the construction, project management and finding tenants to fill it. Please enjoy and click here for more photos.

xo kim

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A Letter from Jenna

Dear Boston,
I grew up in central MA in a town called Fitchburg.. “the burg.” Some of you know of it from going to parties/concerts as kids or where you went to school at Fitchburg State College. I am even friends with some of you.. I won’t name names.. that have broken into one of my family’s properties when they were in college. And also share studio space now with some of you that had mutual friends growing up, but our lives never crossed.. and those I went to school with. Oh dear boston.. we have so many ties that I thought I wanted to run away from. I never thought I would ever live anywhere else but NYC, where my job of fashion lives. But when I started to explore Boston as an adult I immediately noticed a difference in people.

Right away, I met people that I instantly connected with.. people whom shared similar upbringings that I felt like I’ve known forever and some who were walking down the same road as myself. Is it because we’re “New England” kids at heart? We grew up amusing ourselves the same ways.. renting beach cottages by the ocean in Maine for the summer, boogie boarding, BBQ-ing, biking, sailing, hiking, trying to spook your little sister at night by telling ghost stories and shouting REDRUM.. or heading to the White Mountains in the winter to go skiing and tubing, fighting over who gets to sleep on the top bunk bed, passing “dutch-ovens,” visiting Story Land..

These are some of my experiences growing up and how I fell back in love with Boston after moving back from NYC because I could relate to everyone there. There’s something so truthful about Boston. My friends here aren’t afraid to be silly, laugh and have fun. Let’s embrace who we are, and not be afraid to let the world know. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. I’m sorry New York.. but stop pretending you don’t know!!

That being said….

Oh Boston– you are so talented in so many ways. I invite everyone I know and everyone I don’t to show the world how amazing we really are.. as artists, designers, crafters, innovators, thinkers, entrepreneurs, collaborators.. All of you who run to NY to become “cool” New Yorkers lose yourself in the hype. Why don’t we represent a piece of Boston and where we come from rather than trying to be someone else that only appears to be cool? Why don’t we come together and ask ourselves how can we do this together?

I’ve been lucky to be inspired by a group of people who wanted to do just that (especially a person or two that helped convince me and inspire it all. THANK YOU.).. who wanted to come together and work off of each other’s energy and passions for art & design. And many more that have contributed.. and it’s not too late for you to be apart of it.

Fringe Movement. Union Square. Somerville MA.

Grand Opening. FALL 2009. More info TBA.

(sorry to pick on you NY.. ps i love you)

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“Preemptive Strike” by Jessica Hess

I’ve always been a fan of Jessica Hess’s work and have even curated a show with her. Known for her amazing landscape oil paintings on canvas, I was surprised when I saw this project she posted up. The new work is called “Preemptive Strike” its a combination of bees, pins and thread- deadly yet beautiful.

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Gunsho “Chomp” Tee for Beautiful Decay!

Beautiful Decay just released the new “Chomp” tee designed by one of favorite local artist James Quigley aka “Gunsho“. We just recently posted about the huge window painting he did for LAB and now you pick up another one of his sick designs on a tee. Available online for $29.00 in men’s & women’s sizes- click here to purchase!

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Somerville Rock and Roll Yard Sale

This Saturday, August 1st from 3-7pm stop by Union Square in Somerville for the Rock and Roll Yard Sale. This arts council sponsored outdoor event will feature: records, posters cd, vintage clothing and  arts and crafts. Its a free event and everyone is welcome! For more details about event- click here.

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gnomes by chris piascik

If you didnt know already, we love gnomes! Here are some cute ones drawn by our friend chris!

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