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Revok in Melbourne

Oh Revok, you will be missed.
It’s good to know that doing time and paying fines can atleast be joked about.


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Nursing Bears Soon to Replace Hospital Transportation?!

Okay so I had a recent conversation with a friend about how mechnically engineered thinger mabobs were gonna take over the world and slowly (but surely) replace the need of a human work force.
And of course, Japans science and computer engineering develops something that is just that: replacement.

I mean, I know that this is still something that is in beta form and needs a lot of tweaks and changes, but the fact that this is even in creation astounds me. Its creepy on so many levels but definitely is broadening the horizons in terms of engineering. And it’s understood that there is a shortage of medical faculty in Japan, so this is their attempts of providing for the disadvantages is being short staffed. Crazy, yet effective.

The robo bear (RIBA- Robot for Interactive Body Assistance) is created and being developed by¬†Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research. It can carry up to 135lbs and can transport patients out of bed or a wheelchair and has urethane foam padding to add comfort to patients.

…can you see Simone of TokiDoki doing a collaboration with Japanese hospitals to design these bears?

to read more about the specs and to learn about its phenomenal sensors and upgrades…read it here!
thanks DPD for informing about this!


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a peak into the studio.

Here are some pictures of a new project Fringe Movement that myself and a team have been in development of. I have spent most of the summer doing the construction, project management and finding tenants to fill it. Please enjoy and click here for more photos.

xo kim

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Tonight! So much to do!!!

It’s finally here! Died Young, Stayed Pretty movie, peels back the paper curtain and looks behind the scenes of the underground poster movement. These graphic banditos roam the streets, plastering their work to every available surface. Under the guise of advertising rock shows, these unheralded masters of the silkscreen and xerox machine carry on public discourses on the merits and pitfalls of fried cheese and gritty porn. The film will be shown at the MFA in Boston tonight at 8:10pm- tickets for members, seniors, students $8; general admission $10.

Also, tonight check out the NACC09 Art Show at the Fourth Wall Project. The show featuring work by cycle couriers from all over North America will featured until 10pm tonight.

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Gunsho “Chomp” Tee for Beautiful Decay!

Beautiful Decay just released the new “Chomp” tee designed by one of favorite local artist James Quigley aka “Gunsho“. We just recently posted about the huge window painting he did for LAB and now you pick up another one of his sick designs on a tee. Available online for $29.00 in men’s & women’s sizes- click here to purchase!

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Monday Music Review- Mishka “Keep Watch X” & C-DUBZ “Human Nature”

I guess this can be the new Monday Music Review section… I have two crazy mixes that I want to share with you. First, is the tenth installment of Mishka’s Keep Watch Mixes. This time they teamed up with Major Lazer to produce a 40 min mix, with artists including: Major Lazers, Switch & Crookers, Leftside, Ninjasonik & even an Ace of Base remix! You can download the mix here and also, purchase the Keep Watch Vol. X: Major Laser T-Shirt here!

The second mix I wanted to share with you, is “Human Nature” mixed by our good friend and prior host of the Live @ LAB radio show- DJ C-Dubz. The mix is about 100 mins long and includes tracks by: RamadanMan. Clouds, EL B, Scuba and more. You can download the full mix for free here.
*C-Dubz’s album art was created by Markus Anacki of

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“Bomb It” Boston Premiere

This weekend “Bomb It”, the global graffiti documentary finally makes its way to Boston! The film gives you a look into the heart of graffiti culture, where the love for art and ego clash explosively with law and order. The film also features raw interviews, pioneers of bombing and underground and well-recognized artists from New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Sao Paolo, and Paris demonstrate why they risk arrest and injury to express themselves in spray paint and marker. You can check out screenings of the movie this Saturday & Sunday at the ICA in Boston.

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