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Sometimes You Forget.

For the past four years I have focused my life on work, getting myself ahead and of course just living the daily grind. All of my “so called” vacations or trips outside of Boston have involved either client visits or tradeshows. Well, last Thursday I finally got the opportunity to go visit my sister in LA. She has lived here for a while now and it just seems as if time has flown by and I havent made a trip out here. I didn’t realize until now how important it was for me to take time off and see my family.  The past couple days have been some of the most relaxing and peaceful days I have had in a long time. I got to spend time with two of the most important and influential people in my life, my mom and my sister. Weather we were laying around talking, spending time at the beach or out to dinner, I enjoyed and appreciated every minute with them. Sometimes you truly forget how important family is, and this weekend I left all my stress back in Boston and just enjoy life and being with my family.

I leave LA tonight… so tomorrow its back to the grind! But next time, I promise it wont be another four years till I have a vacation.

xo kim


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An Oldie, But Still a Goodie

I dont know how I forgot to post about this, I guess my life has been insane! A little while ago my good friend Jeff did a piece about my Dad’s museum in Maine that got featured on It was the first in depth look at the space by an outsider- check out the full post here and some pictures below.

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Banksy Vs. Bristol Museum

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weekend review… bikes & dogs

So this weekend, between working and having bad allergy attacks, I got a little free time to get out and have some fun. Late Saturday afternoon I finally left my house and stole Zack from OPEN‘s Reminton, and went for my first 40 mile bike ride in a long time! I headed out of the city and ventured to a pond in Winchester for a nice afternoon of laying by the water and reading business books… haha of course my afternoon has to involve something business related.

Sunday, I was back at work at LAB, but luckily I got to spend a portion of the day with one of my favorite pit bulls Remi! Having a dog at the shop just makes everything better, people smile when they come in and you just dont feel so alone.

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our new home away from home.

This is a picture of our get away for the summer. Here we will lay on the beach and think of amazing new ideas, and plan events people will never even imagine. Ah, I love summer and more then anything I love the beach.

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L.A. Fetish with Lana

During my most recent trip to L.A. I visited the Bordello club which was hosting a sexy, fetish Burlesque show featuring the lovely Emily Marilyn in a full latex ensemble. Also, on stage was Pyra Sutra who set the stage, and quite literally her nipples on fire.  The Petrojvic Blasting Company was the opening band before the show, and in my opinion was the real talent of the night. If you ever get the chance to see them you should definatly check them out. These guys sang, and played multiple instruments…. even playing the drums with their heels. What?!  Speaking of heels, I discovered this amazing Insa piece on the exterior wall of a tattoo shop in Venice.  Love those legs!






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Road Tripping to Maine- Worumbo Mill

This past Sunday, Jenna and I ventured up to Maine to meet up with our friend Matt Moore about some business, and also to stop by my parents house for a little bbq and bike riding. On our way into Lisbon Falls, we passed the Worumbo Mill, which was once used for textile production & manufacturing. Being the textile nerds Jenna & I are, we had to stop at their outlet store and see what was there. The huge space was filled with vintage sewing machines, knitting looms, a ton of blankets & fabric and old pieces of machinery from the mill. You can check out more pictures of the outlet here. And, for anyone that is interesting in the production of textiles this is definetley a good place to visit. 

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