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Street Performance in London for Beyonce Promo

I just got a look at this video that took place at the Piccadilly Circus Tube Station in London. The performance was done to promote Beyonce’s “I AM” show in London on November 15th hosted by Trident.
It’s a pretty neat show in the middle of a busy train station, featuring 100 girls and all perfectly coordinated. Impressive.


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Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Profile- Funny or Die!

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It Ain’t That Serious Video

The guys over at OPEN just released their new video, “It Ain’t That Serious” shot and edited by Steve from Quarter Productions. The premier for the video was this past Saturday at their grand opening party, but just in case you missed it the video is now up on vimeo or you can check it out below. Enjoy!

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Proletariat “PBaRt Battle Royale”

Our good friend Kerry over at Proletariat has teamed up with PBR, to do a series of live painting events at his shop. Each month until September they will have a different crew of artists come into the shop and paint one wall. The deal is each crew only gets 3 hours and can drink as much PBR as they want! While you watch the artist paint they will also be giving out free PBR as well as a ton of PBR gear like hats, tees, koozies, etc. Check out the video of the first event below.

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SNL- The Fast and The Bi Curious

Amazing new skit from SNL . Oh… and I think I have a little bit of a crush on Seth Rogen.

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The Fast and Furious 4 Billboard collaboration

For the newest installment to the Fast and the Furious story (in theaters April 3rd), a billboard was created to promote the movie with graffiti artists Mr. Cartoon, Revok and Toomer. The collaboration of artists, as Mr. Cartoon says, “fits in graffiti perfectly with car crashes”. The billboard pays homage to the Mexican references from the movie, and also adds in parts of the street art as well as the signature Charger muscle car featured in the movie.
The Fast and Furious 4, directed by Justin Lin (same director for Tokyo Drift), is centered around the underground drug and crime industry and the movie takes your from the deserts of Mexico to the streets of LA, where the two lead roles (Vin Diesel and Paul Walker) are forced to team up to take down a common enemy.

(image via
Video of the making of the Billboard, via Hypebeast.

Video of the Fast and Furious 4 trailer

The song is called “We Are Rockstars” by Does It Offend You, Yeah?

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Tattooed Women by Nicole McDonald

I just got sent this video “Tattooed Women” from my friend Gillian. Its produced and directed by Nicole McDonald and available in 3D along with regular production. It’s an experiment film using dual-camera stereoscopic techniques. Click here to watch the regular version and here to watch it in 3D.


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