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An Oldie, But Still a Goodie

I dont know how I forgot to post about this, I guess my life has been insane! A little while ago my good friend Jeff did a piece about my Dad’s museum in Maine that got featured on highsnob.com. It was the first in depth look at the space by an outsider- check out the full post here and some pictures below.


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Road Tripping to Maine- Worumbo Mill

This past Sunday, Jenna and I ventured up to Maine to meet up with our friend Matt Moore about some business, and also to stop by my parents house for a little bbq and bike riding. On our way into Lisbon Falls, we passed the Worumbo Mill, which was once used for textile production & manufacturing. Being the textile nerds Jenna & I are, we had to stop at their outlet store and see what was there. The huge space was filled with vintage sewing machines, knitting looms, a ton of blankets & fabric and old pieces of machinery from the mill. You can check out more pictures of the outlet here. And, for anyone that is interesting in the production of textiles this is definetley a good place to visit. 

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maine bound.

This past weekend I headed to my parents house in Maine for some much needed r&r. For those of you that don’t know to much about me- I’m from a very small town in Maine called Lisbon Falls and my dad is one of the largest antique collectors in the northeast. Since, my parents didnt have any sons my sister and I grew up around anything and everything with wheels; and we definitely know more about cars and bikes then most girls should.

So this weekend when I was home, I took a tour of my dad’s collection to check out some of the new stuff he has. His collection has gotten so large over the years, that he now has his own personal two story museum that has over 8,000 sq ft of goodies. Below are just a couple of pictures- click here to see more crazy stuff….

xo – kim

This is the 7ft guard you see when you enter the building.


 1955 Harley Pan Head

1940 Ford Convertible

1959 Dodge

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